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3350 D  x 3000 H x 3000 Inlet

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Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast / Tweed,

Lockyer Valley, Toowoomba.
All Brisbane areas.

Notice to Buyers:

Please be smart enough to read and understand that there were very malicious reports posted some 8 years ago in the US-based website Rip-off Reports by some disgruntled people. Not everything you read is true. The CEO of the RipOff Reports is an extortionist.  They won't take the libelous reports down unless you pay them thousands. Mark Thomas just wrote a detailed rebuttal.

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Water Pumps & Pump Cover Introduction

      Popular Brisbane rainwater tank pumps and covers                       

Only the best quality pumps from Artesian Rainwater Tanks will ensure you get the most out of your purchase and Rainwater Harvesting efforts.


When choosing a rainwater tank pump for your home, shed, or wherever the pump hooked to your rainwater harvesting system the information below should be strongly considered.





  • What pump features do you consider necessary?
  • What will the pump be servicing and used for? ( for example provide water for flushing toilets, cold water use in the laundry, external taps, irrigation etc. )
  • How far a distance will the water need to be pumped outwards from original source.
  • What height must the Pump perform too, such as a 2 story home etc, what is the height difference between the pump pick up point and the outlets?
  • Does the company /brand name have and offer a good warranty period and service network?
  • What water pressure and flow rate is necessary for the pump to maintain delivery to selected and preferred outlets?
  • What water pressure and flow rate is required particularly when used for irrigation – lawn sprinklers etc ?
  • Is the brand name of the Pump trusted ?  
  • Don't be afraid of Chinese made pumps.  There is good and bad everywhere.  Even a reputable name such as Davey import pumps from Taiwan.


Artesian Rainwater Tanks Management has sold over +4000 pumps in recent years and have seen it all before !

We DON'T buy or distribute Pumps purchased off some bloke or someone's mate who went to China and sells Pumps from the boot of his car !

There is QUALITY and CRAP to put it bluntly, that comes out of China. We ONLY stand behind and distribute QUALITY goods from reputable operations offering service networks and long warranties.

There is nothing wrong with a Chinese made Pump so long as QUALITY is specified and adhered too in the original brief and request. Constant monitoring of production is also paramount to being sure ONLY QUALITY is produced and best practice adhered to.

Did you know even DAVEYoffer one of their best selling models to builders and plumbers all over Australia with product straight out of China 100%. It's a good Pump, yet while good these Pumps are just too expensive in the main when you compare an apple with an apple.

In our honest and humble opinion sadly builders and plumbers all over Australia are just tearing up hard earned cash for a name only. Truly sad, if not silly really.

We offer these products if a client insists and has money to burn,  no worries what you want you can have it, yet it would be remiss if we didn't point out the only difference these days is the colour of the pump and the price tag in our honest opinion.

We proudly offer a vast array of Pumps and Mains Water Switches from a broad spectrum of manufacturing plants within Italy, China, and Australia etc.

All Mains Switching Devices are WATERMARK approved and all the Pumps are either compliant to AS / NZS 4020 ( for contact with food ) or the Pumps testing is currently underway with CSIRO for The appropriate Standards approval and application. ( as at 1st May 2010 )

We don't deal in Pumps off the back of a truck and leave YOU the valued client standing there with a pile of throw away rubbish. In saying that, we offer a vast array of Pumps, prices, and warranties all the way up to a whopping 6 YEARS on our Italian designed and made DAB pumps.

These DAB Pumps are also offered by the company that offers the BIANCO range of pumps, you name it via them ( White International is a $60 million dollar a Year in turnover organisation based in Sydney ) we have all budgets and needs covered in a ONE STOP SHOP process.

There is truly NO NEED to pay stupid money for a BRAND NAME these days, we can offer latest technology, better performance, and electrical power and labour-install savings methods for a LOT less money!

It's not that we speak with no knowledge or lack of experience. We still hold the position and are very proud of being one of the largest Bianco Pumpz Dealers in the Nation for the Rainwater Tank market. Many a pump supply company has pleaded for our business, and some have tried to even " buy it " and offered to do anything to obtain even a decent slice of it. I'M NOT & IT'S NOT FOR SALE nor is it open to any form of cunning backhanded negotiation. We refuse to " sell out " on our clients just to obtain cash, nothing is worth changing horses and leaving our valued clients stranded, or lose the ability to supply QUALITY product at industry best pricing.


The pumps offered in our range are of Top Shelf QUALITY with FULL WARRANTY & SERVICE AGENTS right across Australia to serve you :



  • Are made using stainless steel components, such as shafts, impellers, etc.
  • Are automatic with pressure switches controlling flow and turning on-off.
  • Have run dry cut out protection when your tank runs dry the Pump stops.
  • Meet strict Australian Standards for electrical componentry.
  • Made using strong components and best practice manufacturing process
  • Only sourced from industry best and large organisations, respected manufactures-distributors with a vast service network & solid history.


For sizes and more information on large pump covers with their own POLYSLAB base for mounting the pump, please click here for large pump covers

Contact us via email or phone on 1300 235 110 to find out more and obtain your exclusive price.




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