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Please be smart enough to read and understand that there were very malicious reports posted some 8 years ago in the US-based website Rip-off Reports by some disgruntled people. Not everything you read is true. The CEO of the RipOff Reports is an extortionist.  They won't take the libelous reports down unless you pay them thousands. Mark Thomas just wrote a detailed rebuttal.

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BIANCO & DAB Rainsaver MK111 Pumps


The Rainsaver Mk111 is an automated (hydraulically controlled) device which is used in conjunction with either Surface Mounted or Submersible Automated Pressure System Pumps.

This unique device requires no power supply and consumes no electricity.

The basis of the operation of the Rainsaver Mk111 is that it is an automatic Mains Water switching device which is used to control the flow of water from either your Rainwater Tank or your Mains water system.

It switches automatically between both system depending upon the level of the water in your Rainwater Tank and /or the availability of access to water from your Mains system.

Some features of the Rainsaver Mk111 are:

  • Unique patented design.
  • Does not require an electrical power supply.
  • Can be located any distance from the pump.
  • UV stabilised to ensure long life.
  • Can pump up to 1000 litres per minute.
  • Completely waterproof.
  • Watermark Approved.
  • 2 year “Infield” Warranty when Purchased with Pump.

For more information, download the Rainsaver MK111 brochure

Download the BIANCO Rainsaver MK111 range Installation & Operating Brochure

Download the Rainsaver Watermark Certificate of Conformity.

All BIANCO & DAB Pumps are Compliant to Australian Standard AS 4020 for Contact with Food and Watermark approved.

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