5000 Gallon Rural Tank TALL

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3350 D  x 3000 H x 3000 Inlet

No Centre Pole  Free Delivery
Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast / Tweed,

Lockyer Valley, Toowoomba.
All Brisbane areas.

Notice to Buyers:

Please be smart enough to read and understand that there were very malicious reports posted some 8 years ago in the US-based website Rip-off Reports by some disgruntled people. Not everything you read is true. The CEO of the RipOff Reports is an extortionist.  They won't take the libelous reports down unless you pay them thousands. Mark Thomas just wrote a detailed rebuttal.

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Artesian Rainwater Tanks offers the best Value and Quality Poly Rainwater Tank your money can buy !

As you shop around the internet looking for a "CHEAP TANK" which is perfectly normal and everyone does and so you should, but please before you purchase a Tank anywhere off anyone - kindly grab a coffee or a drink then kindly click here for a little respectful education.

Artesian Rainwater Tanks proudly offer a vast array of Round Tanks, Slimline-Slender Tanks, Rural Tanks and Under-Deck Tanks that have never split, pulled on any kiss-off points or bulged. We distribute FACTORY DIRECT Poly Rainwater Tanks with Manufacturer Direct 10-Year Warranty on the Domestic Range and many of the Rural Range with a 10 to 20-year Manufacturer Direct Warranty.  This ensures quality products with industry best practice behind ithem and you the consumer with a direct tie to the manufacturer for all warranty claims if ever. 

Be careful, there are several manufacturers in the SEQ marketplace who hide behind key distributors such as us and when things go wrong they claim the product only has a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Artesian Rainwater Tanks Features :

  • Unique computer designed and Finite Element Analysed (FEA) to exact Australian Standards. The designs have been created by engineers who have, under intense computer programming, tried to locate weak points and any design flaws before a master mould costing up to $60,000 is made. We only distribute products that have undertaken a stringent design process, thus via Artesian Poly Rainwater Tanks you are assured of the very best Poly Rainwater Tank your money can buy

  • These tanks are manufactured for us using Industry Best Practice to cure properly. The tanks are produced using a premium grade finish. No tank is made and sent to market without first meeting intense Quality Control Process under the Independent Certified Australian Standards - AS4766 : 2006.
  • Dome tops with a clean & stylish aesthetic and self supporting structure, no poles needed inside our tanks.

  • Manufactured with graduated thickness in the walls, utilising hoop strength for evenly distributed pressure top to bottom.
  • Unique "Smooth Wall'", the latest in "Cicular Ribbed Design for maximum Hoop Strength"  and "Corrugated" designs with no weak wall pressure points.
  • Stainless Steel Screws and strainer mesh.

  • Made from the best Virgin " A Grade " materials available in the market.  No recycled-reground material used ever. 100% pure food grade material used in all rainwater tanks.  UV stabilised virgin food grade polyethylene with no taste or plastic smell - drinking water compatible. Certified to Australian Standards (AS2070). The material used to make the tanks can be likened to that of a large plastic cup.
  • The  'Small Footprint' design ensures the biggest storage capacity with no waste.
  • Brass Skin Fittings or Moulded Brass Outlets into the wall of each tank for absolute integrity and ease of installation on site.



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Rainwater Tanks with the Australian Standard approval Quality Rainwater tanks at Rock Bottom Prices in Brisbane 10 Year rainwater tank guarantee
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